FST Professional Development

A step-by-step framework to become a Family Trauma Expert

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FST Motivational Technique



A single introductory module from the FST Advanced Training Course. Learn how to use a strength-based script to motivate clients to show up and participate.

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FST Advanced Training Course


One-time Training

A 12-module online training course in the FST Model with live weekly coaching from Dr. Sells. Upon completion, participants are eligible for FST Certification.

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FST Certified


One-time Training

FST Advanced Training practitioners advance to FST Certified with 10 hours post-training consultation over five months using real cases to learn application of their FST skills.

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FST Professional Development Program

FST Motivational Technique

Acquire strength-based questions to motivate clients to show up and participate. Explore a single module from the FST Advanced Training Course and gain proficiency of an FST Technique.

FST Advanced Trained

Mental Health practitioners are eligible to attend the 12 module FST Digital  Advanced Training. Upon completion of each module in the digital course, attendees may receive up to 12 CE credit hours and be eligible for FST Certification.

FST Certified

Following completion of FST Advanced Training, practitioners can become FST Certified. Certification includes 10 hours of post-training case consultation on therapists’ own cases to apply the skills learned in real-time.  FST Certified Practitioners can place this certification status on their company website, business cards, and letterhead.  Requires yearly re-certification.

FST Consultant

By invitation, FST Certified practitioners have the opportunity to join the Family Trauma Institute community of trainers as an FST Consultant. Applicants must pass an interview process, and complete an additional 10 hours of individual supervision.

Onsite Training and Workshops

A professor and engaging instructor, Dr. Sells teaches the FST techniques at onsite trainings. Workshop attendees enjoy his hands-on format that includes an overview of the 18 core FST Techniques, case studies and experiential group activities demonstrating how and when to use the techniques.

Email Dr. Sells at info@familytrauma.com for more information.