Treating Trauma with the Entire Family

Founded to Train Professionals to Become Family Trauma Experts

Who We Are  

Dr. Scott Sells co-authored Treating the Traumatized Child: A Family Systems Step-by-Step Approach (Springer Publishing, 2017) after 8 years of research. 

This work launched the Family Trauma Institute (FTI) in 2018 and the Family Systems Trauma Model (FST). FST is also part of the evidence-based PLL Model  for private and public agencies in the Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice and Behavioral Health systems.

Why FTI  

The Family Trauma Institute was launched to make family trauma training and the FST Model available to anyone in the mental health field who wanted to treat both the child and their family with excellence and better outcomes. This includes all mental health professionals from direct case therapists to parent support advocates. 

Dr. Sells has a reputation of teaching advanced family trauma tools with a teaching style that is clear, fun, and experiential. 

And the FST techniques themselves are easy to use, step-by-step and yield immediate results the next day at work. 

Over the last several years, we have also grown exponentially into a large, strong, and vibrant FST Community with thousands of mental health professionals worldwide.

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