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Treating the iFamily with Technology Chaos
August 14, 2024 | 12 – 1 pm EDT

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Dr. Scott Sells

I’m Dr. Scott Sells, Founder of the Family Trauma Institute and developer of the FST | Family Systems Trauma model.

Following graduate school, I discovered many resources to treat the traumatized child, but a lack of concrete tools to treat the entire traumatized family.

Our mental health field was lacking step-by-step techniques to go from the individual to the family. And how to move from trauma-informed to trauma-responsive.

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Upcoming Monthly Webinars and Conferences

WebinarTreating the iFamily with Technology Chaos
August 14, 2024
ConferenceWhen All Hell Breaks Loose: How to Treat Disrespect or Aggressive KidsKeynote Presentation: Social Work Conference, Naperville, IL
August 15, 2024
WebinarDifficult Divorces and the Child in the Middle: Family Trauma Solutions
September 4, 2024
ConferenceHealing Trauma through a Child’s Love LanguagesPresentation at ATTACh (Association for Training on Trauma and Attachment in Children), Denver, CO
September 13, 2024
WebinarNew Innovations to Treat Extreme Disrespect and Aggression
October 9, 2024
WebinarTreating Addiction in the Family
November 20, 2024
WebinarSpecial Panel of FST Graduates: How Did the FST Techniques Work?
December 11, 2024

FST Trainings

Same 12 FST techniques. Just register for the FST training that is right for you and fits your lifestyle.

Online Courses

FST Online Course (Over 12 Weeks)
September 14, 2024 December 16, 2024

Special Treatment Issues Using FST

3.0 CE Hours (On Demand)

Watch One or All Three:

  • Healing Child Suicidal Threats
  • Treating Anxious Kids and Anxious Parents
  • Stopping Extreme Behaviors in Children

3.0 continuing education hours from ASWB and NBCC

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