Family Trauma Solutions:
FST Coaching or FST Certification

After completing the FST Masterclass or Online Course, you can choose post-training consultation. 

Young Man experiencing Family Trauma Hand on forehead, and anxious


Your style. Your time. Your choice.

FST Coaching

For those who want to:

  • Onboard each of the 12 FST techniques with your cases to skyrocket your confidence
  • Meet monthly with our FST Consultants for only 2-hours on Zoom for 3 months
  • And then month by month as needed


Participant fee: $600 per person

Coming Soon

FST Certification 

For those who want to:

  • Go beyond onboarding techniques to integrate the FST Techniques into all 5 Phases of the FST Model
  • Meet monthly with our FST Consultants for 2-hours on Zoom for 6 months
  • Only open to select few of master’s degree or higher clinicians


Participant fee: $1,800 per person

Meet the Model Developer

I’m Dr. Scott Sells, Founder of the Family Trauma Institute.

Energized by working with family therapists across our country and internationally, my mission is to help mental health professionals become family trauma experts.

Through the Family Trauma Institute, I share FST | Family Systems Trauma tools and techniques from my latest book, Treating the Traumatized Child:  A Step-by-Step Family Systems Approach (Springer Publishing, 2017). 

I specialize in impossible or stuck cases whose families have not been successful with other counselors.  I share my step-by-step approach using real video case examples to engage participants actively in the process.