“Now What?” How to Create Trauma Playbooks to Unstick Your Families

Date: Wednesday, October 9, 2019
Time: 1:00-2:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time
Cost: Free
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Traumatized families with traumatized children often remain stuck in the “now what?” phase. After identifying the traumatic event and telling their story, the question is “now what?”. What do we do in the here and now to heal our child’s trauma to move forward? Trauma therapists often lack to the tools to answer this question. In response, the Family Systems Trauma (FST) model developed what are called trauma playbooks. These are written plans with concrete strategies to clarify roles and heal the child’s trauma in the here and now.

In this webinar, participants will learn:

    • The top reasons why traumatized families and trauma therapists are often so stuck in treatment when “now what?” question is not clearly defined and answered.
    • How the FST Model uses what are called trauma playbooks with the use of what are called strategic directives (e.g., balloon letters of good-bye, scrapbook of memories, the heart transplant, etc.) to answer the “now what?” question to get traumatized families unstuck in the here and now.
    • Learn an overview of the 4 steps in Chapter 9 from Treating the Traumatized Child book that are used to co-create customized trauma playbooks with the child and their family: (1) How the family and FST Therapist identify the top strategic directives; (2) How the FST therapist creates a customized trauma playbook working draft; (3) How the family and FST therapist then co-create the trauma playbook together; and (4) The important final message.

Q & A with the instructor is encouraged.

CE credit is not available for this free webinar. The video will be available on-demand for ten days to registered participants.

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