Engage Parents With Inspiration Before Treatment

We’ve all worked with difficult parents.

We’ve all worked with difficult parents. Parents who:

  • Maintain a “just fix my kid” mindset.
  • Resist the solutions you offer.
  • Do not show up for therapy sessions.

When I first began my career, I blamed the parents. I thought they were unmotivated, or even untreatable. I soon found that frame-of-mind didn’t heal my clients; nor did it build my practice.

After years of research and interviews with hundreds of parents, I learned family engagement hinged on my ability to inspire them.

Once I began developing a relationship with them – often before their first session – by asking about their strengths, parents began to show up and take an active role in family therapy.

In the video clip below, listen for the FST strength-based questions that inspire parents to engage in treatment.

Once parents know how much you care, they begin to care how much you know.

Engaging difficult parents can be a barrier to successful trauma treatment for your clients. However, I have found that the largest obstacle to becoming a family trauma expert is having access to techniques that empower families to recognize their strengths to make lasting change.

In the FST Digital Advanced Training Course, mental health professionals learn the 12 FST Techniques that motivate and engage families to show up and complete treatment.

Enrollment is open for the Fall 2020 cohort. Learn more about the course here.

Dr. Scott Sells

Dr. Scott Sells

Dr. Scott Sells is the founder of the Family Trauma Institute and developer of the FST | Family Systems Trauma model.
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