Move Your Families Forward With “Stick and Move”

Great therapy is both process and content.

Great therapy is both process and content. Therapists can have great techniques and follow proven therapy models. Unless you are a great process counselor, client and family engagement can fall flat.

Nuanced delivery and navigating in-the-moment curveballs move families beyond status quo patterns.

In the video clip below, Dr. Sells describes the “stick and move” technique.

Like a prizefighter shadowboxing, in treatment, if your client goes on and on or down bunny trails that lead to nowhere, you must know how to “cut them off” with grace and skill.

During the self-paced Digital Advanced Training Course, mental health professionals study the FST Motivational Call Technique and learn how to combine “stick and move” with strength-based questions to fan the flames of hope for the future of traumatized families.

Dr. Scott Sells

Dr. Scott Sells

Dr. Scott Sells is the founder of the Family Trauma Institute and developer of the FST | Family Systems Trauma model.
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