Why Structural-Strategic Theory is Critical to Your Family Trauma Practice

You’ve been taught how to work with individuals.

You’re most likely familiar with Cognitive Behavior, Attachment Theory, and/or Psychodynamic Theory. But how do you integrate this knowledge to move from treating the traumatized child to treating the traumatized family?

At the Family Trauma Institute, we believe the answer is Structural-Strategic Theory.

Understanding Structural-Strategic theory helps trauma specialists:

  • Find the root causes of trauma without long hours of therapy
  • Heal families without painful reliving of memories
  • Restructure families without continued reliance on medication

Structural-strategic mapping quickly identifies the root causes of trauma. When clinicians give family members clear strategic directives (FST Techniques) to realign family structure, families eliminate dysfunction and begin to heal.

Listen to this clip to learn how and why great theory will benefit your practice.

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